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    Uses of a Syringe, Which Syringe Size Should i Choose?

    A syringe is a reciprocating pump that allows the withdrawal and injection of liquids. High quality syringes are created in 3 parts.

    sterile disposable syringes

    1. polypropylene barrel with precise clearly marked units for measurement.

    2. polypropylene plunger

    3. latex free gasket providing a smooth effortless movement of the syringe.

    This is the standard extremely high quality product RayMed.co.uk stocks in its medical approved warehouse in the UK. RayMed has 4 different types of syringe tips, so you can choose what suites you. They are the following. 

    1- Luer Slip

    2- Luer Lock (Blog explaining differences

    3 - Luer Slip Eccentric

    4- Catheter

     An eccentric syringe has the tip along the side of the barrel, this allows the hypodermic needle to be in line with the syringe wall and parallel with the skin during injection. It is commonly used for venous injection. The 10ml syringe is favored by many professional due to the clear easy to read marking for liquid withdrawal & injection. 100% of the NHS workers have come across this syringe size which is used in many post operative drug administration. If the liquid being injected is less than 10ml, it will be advisory to use the 5ml, 3ml or 2.5ml syringe are used as it will be easier to measure accurate amounts. No need to strain your eyes by inserting a little liquid in a large syringe.     

    10ml eccentric syringe

    Our 3ml syringe can be used for diabetics, hospital drug administration, vitamin deficiencies and other intramuscular injections.  

    It all depends on your requirements, it is very important to safely choose your syringe size making sure it corresponds with your injection needs. whether its taking insulin, vitamin b12 shots, fertility drugs, hormones, dental anesthesia or even botox (professional use).

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