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Difference between luer slip and luer lock syringe

Difference between luer slip and luer lock syringe

Are you deciding whether to use a luer slip syringe or luer lock syringe? look no further, this article will give you a clear understanding between them. 

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The sterile 2.5ml syringe on the left is an example of a Luer Slip Tip and the 3ml syringe on the right is a luer lock. All of the syringes sold by fits effortlessly on any hypodermic needles. The luer slip syringe requires the medical staff to push the hypodermic needle onto the syringe end, creating a secure strong connection. 

Luer lock syringes requires the hypodermic needle to be screwed on, rotating the needle clockwise can achieve a very tight fit bond between the needle and the syringe.

Luer slip syringe and luer lock syringe with 23g hypodermic needle

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It all depends on preference for the medical staff choosing between luer lock and luer slip syringe. 

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Feel free to comment on which one you prefer. 

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Tac - March 1, 2022

Hi, quick question concerning luer slip and lock. Is it just the same needle but a different syringe? I am very new to this field and recently mistakenly purchased the luer lock needles and syringes; and in this case I need a luer slip form factor to be compatible with an auto injector. I’m trying to see if I can just buy new syringes and make use of the needles I already have.

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