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    Hypodermic needle collection at RayMed

    Choosing the Correct Hypodermic Needle Gauge

    Are you confused when choosing the correct Hypodermic needle for your patient? Well your fear and trepidation is about to dissolve. This article will explain all the different types of needle gauge available at RayMed and how they should be used.

    As the hypodermic needle gauge increases, the width of the needle decreases. So a 16g needle will be larger in width when compared to a 30g needle. Secondly the length of the needle is a important factor when selecting your desired needle. Our selection of needle offers a wide range of length ranging from 8mm to 40mm. 

    There are four types of injections 

    1. Intramuscular injection
    2. Intradermal injection
    3. Subcutaneous injection
    4. Intravenous injection

    Intramuscular injection deliver the substance directly inside the muscles, the needle is kept 90 degrees with the skin when the needle is inserted into the skin. The length of needle is usually long so a suitable choice of gauge will be 20g-23g. Some clinicians don't mind using needle gauge 25g-29g as the needle length is 13mm to 16mm. The Z track method is used for a intramuscular injection. 

    An intradermal injection is where the needle is injected just beneath the dermis, below the epidermis of the skin. Absorption is the slowest and its preferred use is to test for skin allergies as the reaction is clearly visible. Preferred needle gauge for a intradermal injection ranges from 25g to 30g as the needle width is small 0.5mm to 0.3mm and a length of 8mm to 13mm. 

    Subcutaneous injection are well known for a the injection of insulin for people suffering with diabetes, again the chosen needle gauge ranges from 25g to 30g as they are the most efficient in delivering the liquid in between the skin and muscles.  

    Intravenous injection is where the needle is injected directly into the veins and hence the bloodstream. You will notice most NHS staff while doing intravenous injection using the needle gauge between 20g and 25g. The needle width and length makes it very efficient for the injection. These can also be used for injection in the deltoids. 

    Aesthetics clinics providing anti wrinkle injections are known to using hypodermic needle gauge 25g to 30g. As most of the Botox is applied to the face the needle length is required to be around 13mm with a very fine width. Our range of needles are incredible for the Aesthetic industry. 16g to 23g can be used for the withdrawal of liquids before injection.

    Our products are CE marked and sterile fit for humans and animals, veterinary professional can use any of our hypodermic needles. Animals with thick skin can use 16g to 21g with a longer needle length in order to pierce the tough skin. Farm animals requiring vaccination have bought from us on many occasions. Diabetic cats and dogs may use the 25g needle. It consists of a width of 0.5mm and length 16mm, ideal for insulin injection on cats. 

    ISO Hub colour standards for hypodermic needles

    Our hypodermic needle range have triple bevelling resulting in a sharp stainless steel needle fit for all types of skin, the easy to identify colour code allows you to choose the correct needle for effortless injection. All needles are STERILE, totally non- toxic and non-pyrogenic, ready for medical use. Now you know what a hypodermic needle is and how to choose the correct gauge. 

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    Fazle Rakib - February 15, 2023

    Dear Sir
    We need your urgent offer for Hypoedermic needle for different Gauge size needles (21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26) these sizes.

    QTY 3 boxes from each size.

    Ed JORDAN - October 29, 2020

    what size hypodermic needle is best to drain a hydrocele

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