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Rays MicroTip/Safe 22G Safety Hypodermic Needle (0.7mm x 32mm) (Black 22G X 1, 1/4" inch)

SKU S-HN22G32-10
  • 22G (0.7mm x 32mm) (Black 22G X 1, 1/4" inch)
  • Sterile individually packed Needles with new generation safety feature. 
  • CE marked and also used by the National Health Service (NHS) England
  • Single-Use, Disposable
  • High quality product with sharp strong steel for high level of precision
  • Stainless steel needle AISI 304.
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Compatible with to both luer slip/cone and luer lock syringes
  • UStock with long expiry date