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Rays InJ/Light Catheter Tip Syringe 60ml

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60ml Catheter tip syringe

  • CE marked and also used by the National Health Service (NHS) England
  • Single-Use, Disposable
  • Lid included

High quality product with clearly marked units for high level of precision

3 part syringe
polypropylene barrel with graduated scale
polypropylene plunger
Latex free gasket
Catheter cone
  • UK Stock with long expiry date

Raymed presents Rays InJ/Light catheter syringes, it is made of transparent polypropylene with graduated marking going up to 60ml.  The catheter syringe contains a separate lid that can hold liquid making it ideal not only to the medical profession but also to mechanics, chefs and home use. Amazing strong quality product with a plunger that provides an effortless glide. 

by Ray Med