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Rays InJ/Light 3ml Luer Lock Syringe

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3ml Luer Lock Sterile individually packed Syringes

  • CE marked and also used by the National Health Service (NHS) England
  • Single-Use, Disposable

High quality product with clearly marked units for high level of precision

3 part syringe
polypropylene barrel with graduated scale
polypropylene plunger
Latex free gasket
Luer Lock

All our products are non toxic, non pyrogenic and made of transparent polypropylene with clear black markings. Our 3ml luer lock syringes fit all universal hypodermic needle brands. Loved by the NHS, doctors, nurses, dentists, vets, farmers and kept in first aid boxes for emergencies. Multiple quantity option available for professional and home use. Sterilized with ethylene oxide guaranteeing safe injections.    
by Ray Med