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    How To Inject Insulin Using U100 Syringe & Needles

    Step by step guide on how to inject insulin (U100 insulin only), please consult your doctor before injecting. 

    1. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and dry well

    2. Have your insulin bottle ready (not expired). Make sure it has no lumps. If its immediate acting insulin, roll it on your skin to mix it. 

    3. Clean the insulin bottle lid with alcohol wipes and let it dry. (don't blow on it)

     4. Take the orange cap of Rays insulin syringe and pull the plunger to the desired insulin dosage requirement. Notice at first you are only filling it with air. 

    5. Now put the needle in the insulin bottle by piecing the rubber lid. Press the plunger inserting the air into the insulin bottle. 

    6. Now turn the bottle upside down with the needle still inside the bottle, pull the plunger allowing the insulin to go inside the sterile syringe. Measure according to doctors advice.  

    7. Ensure there is no air bubbles. If there is, tap the syringe so the air goes to the top, this will enable you to push the air back into the bottle and fill again with insulin. 

    8. Now you are ready for injection. Make sure once the needle is out of the bottle, it must not touch anything.

    9. Avoid injecting the same site, ask your doctor for an injection chart.

    10. As this is a subcutaneous injection you will be required to pinch skin on the injection site. Make sure your skin is clean, wash with soap and dry it.

    11. Inject the needle (45 degree angle) and release the pinched skin, slowly press the plunger and allow all the insulin to be injected. Wait 4-6 seconds after injection before pulling the needle out of the skin. 

    Raymed insulin injection 1ml, 0.5ml, 0.3ml 29g, 30g hypodermic sterile

    12. Place the syringe inside a sharps container, do not attempt to re attach the lid or reuse the syringe.  

    sharps container for safe syringe disposal

    Please speak to your doctor and diabetics nurse before doing anything, They will explain how many units you require and where to inject it and how often. 

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